How to Sign up for All Hands Hosting

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How to Sign up for All Hands Hosting

Below you will find a tutorial on how to sign up for All Hands Hosting. Begin by choosing a hosting package. If you aren’t sure which package to sign up for, just choose the smallest one.

step 0

After you’ve chosen a service, next you’ll need to begin the sign up process. The most important part is to enter your domain name correctly.

step 1


This next part is pretty easy, just enter in your name and address, choose a password and make some security questions and answer.

step 2


If you chose PayPal, it’ll take you to this page. Just wait a few seconds and it will take you to PayPal payments.

step 3


If you have an account, enter it now if not sign up to a new account.

step 4


Once you are finished it will give you a transaction ID and you are good to go!

step 5


From there, you will get a few emails. The main one you want to look for is the welcome email, which will give you your account username, password, and name servers. Please note these for your records.

step 7

After that, you can return to All Hands hosting and go to the client area where you can log in to pay your bill, view your services, manage your affiliates, or open up a service ticket.

step 6


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