As of January 3, 2016 All Hands Hosting has added automated backups to an off-site location to all servers company wide. Prior to this, we’ve been archiving and backing up data using our servers, but in the spirit of true redundancy we’ve added the necessary infrastructure to enable off-site backup as well.

Why off-site backup is important?

Think about something tangible such as family photos or a birth certificate. It is great that you have it stored in a safe, safe deposit box or even a storage unit but what happens if the safe gets stolen? Wouldn’t it be better to store a copy in your safe and your Mom’s safe? that way even if something bad happened to yours (or hers) you would still have another copy.

The same thing goes for websites. Anything could happen to any computer no matter who it is: Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft etc. Can an armed guard protect against an Earthquake or a sudden flood? The answer is no, nothing can protect from a natural disaster.

This is why we’ve implemented off-site backups. No one can guarantee the safety of their data at all times, so the next best thing is to backup the data in a totally separate location.


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