Recently a good friend of ours sent us a message on Facebook asking the question:

“…As you know I love to write and you may have seen my blog. Right now it is on Tumblr but I want to make the next step into buying a domain and maybe getting it hosting. The thing is, I’m not very technically savvy and really don’t need anything complicated. When I went to sign up for hosting I don’t know (and no offense, don’t really care) about gigabytes, megabytes and all that jazz. Either way, I just want something simple. What do I do?”

Our reply:

“Hi Mark, hope you are doing well. I definitely hear where you are coming from. To keep things really simple, since we are a small hosting company, we have the ability to basically ‘do everything for you’ and get you all set up. We definitely don’t mind doing this and are quite happy to help a friend especially if you are hosting with us. I’ll walk you through the full signup process on the phone. After that, we will go in and setup your website. We recommend using WordPress since you are a writer. You can choose from a number of free or paid “themes” that are quite easy to configure. We can also help you with this since we also have web developers and designers in-house.

Once it is all setup, we will give you 2 sets of credentials:

  • 1 set to log in and manage your hosting account / billing
  • 1 set to log into your blog, so you can create content

Once you have that, it is as simple as logging in, hitting “add new post” and writing. Once you are finished you hit publish and your post is live. Simple enough, right?

Of course, we are also available with all of this, we have bloggers on staff that can help you get setup and everything. Thanks again for thinking of us.”

Patrick Coombe
Patrick has a passion for website hosting and is one of the founding members of All Hands Hosting.
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