This is yet another extremely popular and common question that we get from people everywhere and our #2 most common support ticket request.

Let’s jump right into things.

To begin, you must have the following:

  • A valid account with username and password
  • A hosting account with email / password with user name and password

We will assume the hosting account is a basic *nix server with cPanel access.

Create your email account

use domain email with gmail

Always make sure to use a strong password.

domain email gmail

Once setup, go back to cPanel and click on forwarders. You will need to create a forwarder from your company email to your Gmail address.

send email from domain using

forward email using Gmail

Input your email address, then select the destination (your Gmail).

send email using gmail your domain

Head on over to Gmail, go to settings, Accounts and Import then “add another address you own.”

email alias using gmail example domain

Go back to cPanel, Email, then select “configure email” in order to get the settings you need for the next step.

custom email address using gmail

Go back to Gmail, and use the settings from cPanel for this step. Different servers have different settings.

gmail personal email address dot com

You’re done! You can now go to Gmail and send from either your Gmail address or your address. All email will forward to Gmail. This will also synch up if you have a Gmail app on your phone.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

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